NorthStar California Wedding | Zephyr Lodge

Wedding portrait at Northstar
Northstar California Wedding | GOT Photography

When it comes to wedding venues in the Northern California area, it’s hard to compete with the Zephyr Lodge at Northstar California. This venue is nestled at 8000′ and has the views to show for it. With an incredible rustic wood lodge and expansive meadows filled with wild flowers, it’s truly spectacular.

For this August wedding we began the day with getting ready photos in the couple’s Northstar Village rooms. One of my favorite parts of this venue is the gondola ride to the venue itself which gives a unique opportunity as the bridal party heads through the village and then has a the option to have a private ride up the mountain itself.

This beautiful venue provides a bridal suite that is the perfect place for the wedding party and
bride to make final touches before heading to the ceremony. My bride chose to have a first-look
photo shoot with her father, which added a beautiful and emotional moment to this day.

The ceremony site was nestled in a whimsical meadow, and the couple chose a floral setup
provided by Dream Weaver Florals. The setup was the perfect complement to the Lake Tahoe
mountains in the background without taking away from the rustic elements of the wedding

Family and bridal party portraits were taken in front of the floral arch before everyone continued
to the beautifully rustic reception held at the lodge. The Dream Weaver Florals setup was the
perfect complement to this August day, as was the rich landscape that was painted in shades of
green and gold. The bride chose pink, orange, and yellow florals that were the perfect
companion to her bridal gown and the sage green of the bridesmaids dresses.

The Zephyr Lodge provided the perfect layout for a rustic reception with delicate touches of
floral arrangements and pops of pink. The lodge features a variety of wooden architectural
elements and furnishings, which add rich and warm tones to the reception photos.

The couple enjoyed their first dance in the lodge as the sunlight shone through the beautiful
windows, providing just the right atmosphere for an August wedding. The abundance of
windows also helped to bring a little bit of the magic of the Tahoe mountains indoors.

My bridal couple decided on taking sunset couple portraits during the stunning golden hour light
after the reception. The soft and warm dusky light highlighted the meadow, giving the photos texture and depth. The mountain landscape and trees created the perfect backdrop, adding romance to every
photo. We were also able to capture a few spectacular images of the moon coming up over the
couple as they walked to the gondola, giving the photos a bit of whimsy and magic.

At the Zephyr Lodge at Northstar California, couples are allowed to take a private trip on the
gondola on their special day. Because of this, we were able to capture pictures of them riding up
the gondola with the full Lake Tahoe mountain landscape featured in the background. The soft
golden hour light softened the mountain backdrop, creating a kind of watercolor effect.

One of the last photos we took with this blushing couple was under the famous “Love at 8000”
sign at the lodge. This was the perfect final photo and featured the Zephyr Lodge in the
background with the couple’s friends and family.

Overall, it was as perfect a wedding day as any couple could hope for. The weather was
beautiful and perfectly captured the August atmosphere this couple was going for. The venue
photos had just the right rustic touch and provided the perfect backdrop for photos of family and
guests enjoying the dance floor and interacting with the bride and groom.

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