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A woman and her dog being photographed in Lake Tahoe.
A woman and her dog pose for a portrait in Lake Tahoe.

This Lake Tahoe pet portrait session means more this week then I could have ever imagined.

This week, I lost my heart dog. In a matter of an hour, our lives changed forever. This loss has reiterated for me how important it is to ensure that you have photos with the pets you cherish. I have found myself looking at the photos I had taken with him the year previous over and over again. The level of gratitude I have that I had them done is overwhelming.

So often we wait until it’s too late to try and set up a photoshoot with our beloved furry friends. I encourage you, do it early. Do it when they are still full of life, when you can look at the pictures and remember all the amazing times and positive memories. When you can capture their spirit at it’s fullest so that you smile each time you look back.

A Dachshund being photographed in Lake Tahoe.

Being able to edit this gallery the week of my heart dog’s passing has been so therapeutic, because I know that one-day these photos are going to be a source of comfort for her as well. This sweet pup goes by Tuesday. She is a 13 year old Dachshund who is the center of this woman’s world (and she knows it). When we arrived to the location she warned me that Tuesday was, “not an off-roading dog”. I had to laugh when she proved her owner right and would only walk on the boardwalk itself.

The three of us ran all around the meadows (some of us were carried) and enjoyed the last of the golden light as it danced between the pines for this Lake Tahoe pet portrait session. It was truly a magical evening and although Tuesday was not very impressed with me and my magic camera, I think we created some great memories together.

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