Lake Tahoe, California Whirlwind Elopement

A couple eloping with their dog in Lake Tahoe, California
A couple in wedding attire sitting on rocks in Lake Tahoe, California.

A Lake Tahoe Elopement with a whirlwind of a story!

This couple planned an elopement through The Hytch and had two very specific locations they wanted to use. One which features an incredible pier for the ceremony and the other which offers a more rocky and dramatic landscape for portraits. The day of their elopement, the smoke rolled in and it was so thick you couldn’t even see the infamous Tahoe mountains. To top it off, the beach was absolutely packed and their dog decided that playing with all of the dogs on the beach sounded way more fun then being a part of the ceremony. He took us for quite the adventure, running off down one beach to the next and sending everyone into a panic trying to find him.

We decided that we had enough chaos and smoke for one day and to go ahead and save our second location for another day, and I’m so glad we did.

The next time we went out, we had the most beautiful blue skies. The sun flares were incredible, the weather was perfect, we could see the dreamy mountains in the distance, we had the place basically to ourselves and their dog was more then happy to cooperate for some portraits. Truly, even when things don’t go quite as planned there is no place in the world quite like a Lake Tahoe elopement. We all got to have a good laugh about the chaos that was their ceremony and I hope it makes for some good stories they can tell future generations.

Planning – The Hytch

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